david firman events


I have had the opportunity to not only plan a variety of special events but also to produce them. Everything from hiring the performers, i.e., vendors, musicians, speakers, catering, etc., to working with volunteers and hired workers and of course securing stages and parking.

I know how to set up an event time-line of what and when things need to be done such as reserving space in parks, schools and public buildings. Included in this was designing advertising posters and flyers and writing news releases to capture my audience through the media.

I have even been known to climb scaffolding to set up the lights and stages.


Employment History
City of Claremont, California
Produced 32 outdoor family concerts with audiences ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 people.
Produced 8 children's concerts.
Produced 8 teen rock concerts.
Participated on a yearly 4th of July committee again producing the concerts. (4 years)
Participating on a yearly Halloween carnival committee including building games. (4 years)
Produced numerous children's dance shows which also included building sets.
Particiapted on Claremont's Centennial Celebration.
Designed and built an 8' x 8' Christmas card that remained standing in front of the Chamber of Commerce for 2 weeks with passer's by being invited to sign and leave best wishes.
Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, MO
Chaired and produced the 2nd Annual Tricycle Race fund raiser.
Performed for 2 "Spring Flings"
Seminary Celebration Committee
Involved in the Annual Trustee Banquet 2 years in a row.